Studio Wise is known for the unique interiors, furniture and design solutions we create throughout West Michigan. From restaurant and hospitality, to retail, reception and office space we've amassed a treasure trove of products and we've decided it's time to share them with you.

So we've created a concept we're calling REVEAL.

REVEAL will open the doors to the Studio Wise Design Lab and be the portal through which we offer these products to you. The offerings will be curated collections of sizes and finishes that will provide us physical market research on what works and what doesn't, what demand looks like for new product categories as we grow, and what sizes, finishes and options that you, our customers and clients, desire.

Today we introduce the first REVEAL product, The City Table. It's a sleek design and a perfect community table solution both indoors and out! Learn more about The City Table here.


Furniture can really be the icing on the cake for an interior environment and that couldn't be more true than at The Knickerbocker. With so many different areas to dine and enjoy beverages, the furniture selections we made became a mix of standard and custom offerings from our product collections. By mixing style, design and finishes we were able to build upon the architecture and interior design to further define the various look and feel of the differing dining environments.

Take a look at what went into creating the custom designs and finish selections and keep an eye out for these unique details on your next visit!

A custom leg design that sandwiches a mix of wood legs and steel structure was developed as the foundation for a collection of community tables and bases.

From loose concepts...

to refined ideas...

furniture becomes reality.


Seating wasn't overlooked when it came to design either. Above you see the Sadie chair from Grand Rapids Chair Co . blending comfort and modern design and pairing perfectly with our Fuse Finishes. You can explore their product offerings here

Community dining is the centerpiece of the Indoor Beer Hall and we went big with over 64 feet of salvaged barn board table tops.


Industrial elegance rules in the Whiskey Lounge. And these custom angular bases set the perfect table for an expertly crafted cocktail.

Gathering around the bar is an easy task thanks to the round swivel seat of the Lauren Barstool from Amisco. You can learn more about their product offerings here.


To learn more about all of the unique finishes, table top and product offerings from Studio Wise, visit our products site here.




Studio Wise Products Popping Up Around Town

It was a busy summer here at Studio Wise and that means our products found homes in many new projects around town. Take a look at some of the fun installations below.

POP performs great in a variety of environments. At That Early Bird POP tops in 'Milk' with a reverse knife edge provide a crisp and modern table top to compliment a modern yet eclectic interior. 


Our Vellum finish shines bright and fresh at this window work counter. It makes a pretty great place to send those emails, sip that latte or just watch the world go by!

Since the introduction of our Veneer tops earlier this year, reps, designers and customers alike have been falling in love with them for their beautiful planks style design and durability. Not to mention their ability to help meet that ever important budget! Remember they are available in all of our unique FUSE finishes!

Don't forget about the colors of POP! They can help make quite the statement in your next project and brighten up any patio with the durability to stand-up to the elements.

And... we know you love that base. Don't you? Get ready, our new base offering is coming in 2017! Look for more details in our December email.




A ceiling feature? A back bar display? An anchoring design element? Yes, the bar canopy at The Knickerbocker is all that and more! A brewery is anchored by its bar, and the main bar the The Knickerbocker features over 30 stools and multiple drink rails for enjoying your favorite brew. So how do you bring a space like this together and make it feel welcoming? How about a canopy that's over 26' in diameter and radiates from the center of the bar area. Much like the welcoming canopy of a large backyard oak tree, this wood canopy becomes the structure that houses back bar shelving, menu displays, televisions, lighting and more.

Here's your sneak peak at how we went about designing and building this unique feature... 


White boards, computers and good old fashioned ink and paper... we use it all to work through the design process.



• 16 radiating wood slat archs

• 6 sheets of Acrylic for lighting panels

• 5 SHEETS of MDF FOR a construction JIG



A full scale model was created to verify engineering and programming before moving into production.    

A full scale model was created to verify engineering and programming before moving into production. 


Slats, slats and more slats... Our CNC machine was busy that week!   

Slats, slats and more slats... Our CNC machine was busy that week!


One of the key features of the production at Studio Wise is that we build things like furniture. Rather than constructing millwork components onsite, we fully assembly and finish projects in our production facility. We then break them down, pack them up and ship them to site for install.

By building the way we do, parts and pieces can be installed closer to completion of the project. This allows for fewer hands to be involved in the process and for greater precision in the execution and design.

Slat by slat the circle comes closer to completion.

Slat by slat the circle comes closer to completion.

Time to pony up and enjoy a cold one!

Time to pony up and enjoy a cold one!

A Modern Forest: Inside The Knickerbocker | New Holland Brewing

Grand Rapids loves its beer and breweries and this past week welcomed The Knickerbocker by New Holland Brewery to the mix. Located on the city's West Side, the space has been creating quite a buzz around town. Of particular interest is the Indoor Beer Hall which features 30' tree trunks and a 'branch-like canopy' suspended high above at the top of the two-story structure. If you had a chance to check out this design and engineering feat in person, here is your look behind the scenes at just what went into creating this unique feature!

Architect's Initial Concept

Architect's Initial Concept


Early renderings as Studio Wise begins to translate this concept into a design.


Plotting, Planning & Getting down to details   

Plotting, planning & getting down to details. Plywood carcasses formed from CNC cut parts created the structures on which finish materials would be mounted.

See that person? Yea, these things are going to be big!   

See that person? Yea, these things are going to be big!


Some Fun Facts...

- 25 Branches total
- Over 27' long
- Varying diameters from 6-18"
- 52 sheets of plywood
- Over 28 miles! of twine and rope

- 5 trunks total
- 3--32' tall and 7' wide
- 2--30' tall and 6' wide
- 42 sheets of plywood
- 100 sheets of MDF


How does one go about wrapping 28 miles of twine? Watch this...

Building trees... now we understand why it takes mother nature so long.

Building trees... now we understand why it takes mother nature so long.

Design really   is   in the details

Design really is in the details


Let's get these parts and pieces in place!


Now that's what we call the perfect place to enjoy a beer. Cheers!