Studio Wise Products Popping Up Around Town

It was a busy summer here at Studio Wise and that means our products found homes in many new projects around town. Take a look at some of the fun installations below.

POP performs great in a variety of environments. At That Early Bird POP tops in 'Milk' with a reverse knife edge provide a crisp and modern table top to compliment a modern yet eclectic interior. 


Our Vellum finish shines bright and fresh at this window work counter. It makes a pretty great place to send those emails, sip that latte or just watch the world go by!

Since the introduction of our Veneer tops earlier this year, reps, designers and customers alike have been falling in love with them for their beautiful planks style design and durability. Not to mention their ability to help meet that ever important budget! Remember they are available in all of our unique FUSE finishes!

Don't forget about the colors of POP! They can help make quite the statement in your next project and brighten up any patio with the durability to stand-up to the elements.

And... we know you love that base. Don't you? Get ready, our new base offering is coming in 2017! Look for more details in our December email.