A true Renaissance man by all standards, Troy Bosworth is the type of guy who can design a restaurant concept over night, wake up drawing the specs, and end his day next to a whole stack of parts - ready to be assembled. He has a true knack for combining the sum of his learning, experience and soundness of action in a unique process; one that allows him to translate his and your vision into a sophisticated blending of rules and design. The end product? Spaces and places that reflect both a high standard and a fresh perspective.  His studies in classical architecture and hands-on experience in historic preservation created a curiosity and desire to understand how things that last where built. Using early trades manuals as his inspiration and creative reasoning as his guide, his work shows a clear commitment to standing the test of time. During project builds, his collaborative approach lends itself well to concept visioning, adaptable design implementation and accurate process testing. He loves what he does, and you can tell; but at the end of the day he loves nothing more than going home to his wife and two young children who graciously allow his dirty hands to sink deep into a shared bowl of popcorn.